The Twofold Comeback

An introductory explanation

During the Covid lockdown, when I was reducing my working hours in preparation for retirement from HMRC, I started to write a novel. This work is now finished, and it has the working title The Twofold Comeback. And it’s jolly good.

I hope to see it in print – you know, on real paper and with a picture on the cover and everything – and therefore I’m going to resist publishing it on line. However, I will post short extracts, and perhaps one or two of the maps I’ve drawn to accompany the text.

In brief, the story is set about two hundred years in the future, and about one hundred and fifty years after a series of global catastrophes beside which the increasingly erratic climate and fast-rising seas seem almost benign. However, The Twofold Comeback is not a post-apocalyptic dystopia;  the disasters are, by the time of the story, in the distant past, and the people of the world, much reduced in number, are occupied in getting on with their lives. The story is set for the most part in East America, between the Manhattan Islands and the Mississippi Sea, but it begins and ends in England – the protagonist’s home country, ruled over by a vicious gang for whom our hero reluctantly undertakes a mission. 

If the foregoing has not been sufficient to stifle your interest, I’ll add that the novel was influenced by my thoughts about Brexit and existentialism. And in terms of tone, I was aiming for (and almost certainly missed) the place where Michael Moorcock and Leslie Charteris overlap.  There are guns, fights, explosions, hot dames and elements of derring-do.

If you’re a commercial publisher and you’re not already running for the hills, please contact me. This is a book that wants to be out there.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.