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    Reciprocal links are the best way to increase traffic to web sites. If you have a web site or a permanent and public Facebook or Instagram page I'll be happy to post a link to yours if you'll post a link to mine. Links are shown below.

  • A note about copyright

    As an author and erstwhile publisher I'm acutely aware of the importance of copyright and the threat to copyright posed by the internet and AI. I'm therefore aware that I have probably infringed the rights of copyright holders by using photographs sourced on line to illustrate some of my web site pages. It's possible that in the case of some of the photos there is no identifiable copyright holder; in other cases the copyright holder may be content to allow the use of his material; and it's possible that in strict legal terms what I've done is no more than what is called 'fair use', in that I've used relatively little and that only for illustrative purposes. However if anyone owns copyright in any of the pictures I've used and is not happy about it, please contact me.

Links to other lovely sites

Cherril Norrie - artist

The web site of my partner Cherril.

Paul Cornell - author

Paul, now firmly established as one of the UK's foremost SF authors, was a prolific contributor to the Doctor Who New Adventures and Missing Adventures series of novels; he wrote some of the pivotal books, including that which introduced the world to Bernice Summerfield. Click to access the page where you can subscribe to his newsletter.

Bodle logo

Andy Bodle - misanthropist

During the 1990s Andy was a key member of the Virgin Publishing fiction team, but he's done much more than that - stand-up comedy, scriptwriting, and setting up the web site Rainbows & Lollipops - click on the logo to visit.

SF Enc logo

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

I'm in it. Excellent, vast data resource, well worth a look.

Andrew Skilleter - artist

The web site of Andrew Skilleter, creator of artworks relating to Doctor Who and much else besides.


Chris McAuley

Dark Universes: the site for news about Chris's work in StokerVerse, Terminator & Doctor Who -

Hong Kong in Transition: 1995-2020

An open access photographic archive for anyone interested in Hong Kong and its history. Curated by my old university chum David Clarke, Honorary Professor in the Department of Art History, University of Hong Kong.

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