The Twofold Comeback

And already there's a sequel in the works

Having failed to be trampled by a herd of mass-market fiction publishers competing for the rights to The Twofold Comeback, I have nonetheless begun work on the sequel. I know: madness.

The working title is The Tripartite Doublecrosss, and I’ve so far written all of 7000 words. So not very many.

The Twofold Comeback was, except for its preamble, written entirely as from the viewpoint of its protagonist John Carr. I’m writing The Tripartite Doublecross with multiple viewpoint characters: so far Carr, obviously, but also his comrade in arms Madeleine Harper, and the strangely gifted but mute girl they encounter. In the next section I’m about to write they’ll discover that she can in fact talk and that she has a name. Thereafter I think their paths will diverge: John Carr to continental Europe to seek out the English government in exile, Madeleine (and the girl?) to the English countryside, in part to tell Carr’s father that his son is alive, and in part to visit the site represented by an apparently important map reference that Carr and Madeleine found years before.

If all of that sounds vague and contingent, that’s because I don’t yet have the story complete in my mind. I see some scenes very clearly; they are like islands in a sea of unknown narrative.

I expect progress to be slow, as I’m also going to try to post instalments to my other blogs on this site. And I have to maintain the garden and go on holidays, and so forth. It’s tough being retired from wage-slavery.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.